#1 Electronic Installation, Solar and Technological Service Provider

Let help you get your machine up and running, get your solar system in place with the help of our team

Something about us

Salesytech specializes in electronic installation of pharmaceutical, packaging and manufacturing equipment. We also deal with the installations of solar system. Do you need a machine for production, contact us and we can help in getting the machine that suites your need.

Electronic Installations

We help in installing machines of various sizes and different industries.

Quality Laptops

We also sell both used (1 Grade) and new laptops with long lasting batteries

Repairing Service

Salesytech is not just about selling, we also repair gadgets, machines and electronics

Solar Inverter

Do you need an inverter that can give you electricity 24/7 ? Then try us and let give you our technology

Phone Accessories

Bluetooth speakers, earpiece, power bank, original battery, etc are what we deal in. We provide quality accessories for you

We Love You

And this is the best service we offer, we love our customers and hope they also love us too

Branding And Identity

We want to be known as a Technology Company. We want to be a brand that brings technology to Africa

About Us

Salesytech is a technological company that deals with the sales of gadgets, electronics and installaions

Contact Us

You can get in touch with us on Whatsapp 08167102973

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How to Get a Quality UK Used Laptops in Nigeria

What our clients say

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Richard Roe

Richard Roe

Web designer

I got my UK used laptop (HP 640) from Salesytech and it has been working perfectly since I got it

Janie Doe

Janie Doe

UI Designer

I got my Dell Laptop from Salesytech and it was delivered to me in a neat and perfect condition...I give my word, Salesytech are expect in gadget sales and also have the experience

Katie Fox

Katie Fox

Fashion Blogger

I went home for the Xmas holiday (failing to come along with my bluetooth speaker). So I decided to get another one, while browsing the internet I came across salesytech and I say kuddos to the team behind it...

Adebimpe Catherine

Adebimpe Catherine

Food Critic

Whaoo.. what a wonderful support system Salesytech has. I have always scared of ordering things online, so I sent a whatsapp message to the team to know how it works... Their support system was so wonderful to make me believe real people run this business... Keep it up guys, I will keep referring people to you..