How to Get a Quality UK Used Laptops in Nigeria


Are you thinking of getting a UK used laptop but bent on getting a quality laptop? Then I have written this guide for you. This will help you in getting a quality laptop without having to spend too much on getting a new laptop.

Getting a quality UK used or London used laptop can be tiring because, it is either that you get a laptop with battery that cannot sustain you for 1 hours without power supply.
And that is something you need to be weary of because you need a laptop not a desktop right?

So how do you achieve your dream of getting a quality UK used laptop?

Don’t worry you are in the right place so I will guide you step by step on how to get this done without risking getting scammed.
The laptop I presently use in typing this is a 1st grade hp laptop that lasts 4 hours, and I will tell you the steps I followed when getting the laptop.
But before that, let quickly run through the reasons to get a quality London used / UK used laptop.

Reasons to Get a Used Laptop

#1 Used Laptops are Cheap

This cannot be over-ruled when discussing the reasons to get a used laptop; because this is the major reasons many of us opt for used laptops.

Many of us don’t have the luxury to afford a new laptop because they are above our budget.
So this is a reason to  get a used laptop. If you are thinking about starting a home business as an entrepreneur or writing a report or project as a student, this laptops can serve you well for that purpose too.

There is no much difference in getting a good used laptop and a new one, so a used laptop could also be a fit for you.
But if you are the type that naturally love being the first person to use a gadget, no worries; go for it.

#2 Not all New Laptops are Good

Trust me, if I say this is not possible then I might have defeated the purpose of enlightening you on how to get a quality used laptop.

Some laptop sellers actually buy refurbished laptops and sell it to their customers. Refurbished laptops are laptops that come out in errors reducing their quality. So it is being sold cheaper by the manufacturers to their wholesalers and distributors.
So buying new laptops sometimes does not correlate with good. But only increases your probability of getting a good laptop.

#3 You can get to to test the battery

Not all laptop sellers give you the ability to test the new laptop, they sell it to you with a warranty that they might later deny.
But for used laptops, you get to test the battery and also view the battery report.

So now how do you get a quality used laptop in Nigeria?

Steps in Getting a Quality Used Laptop

1.  Buy from a Reputable Shop / Seller

This is the first way you can be sure you are not getting scammed for your money. You need to find a reputable laptop seller or shop to buy from. Then this way, you have just tackled the issue from the root.

But this might not be that easy because there is a possibility even the seller is not an expert in sourcing original and quality laptop.

That is where Salesytech fill the. Salesytech is a reputable company that deals with the sales of quality laptops. All our laptops have being tested and are of good quality with battery lasting longer than 4 hours.

You can visit the sales page for laptops and see what is available or you can send hi on whatsapp and have a chat with the sales unit.

2.    Check all Keys

This is another important think you need to ascertain before even giving it a shot. After booting the system, check all the keys on the keyboard to see if everything is working.
You can do this by opening the notepad, and then typing all the letters from A to Z. You can then ascertain the numbers to from 0 to 9.

3.    Check the Sound by Playing a Song

Yes you need to ascertain if the speaker is working. You might want to say, well I don’t need the speaker. But you need to know that the speaker not working could be an hint that the laptop is not worth going for.

Afterall its’ your money and you have the freedom of choice.

4.    Check the System Info (RAM, HARD DRIVE, Model)

Forgive me for putting this here, but this should have been the second thing on the list. You need to check the system and confirm if its truly what the seller claim it is.

You can check these by clicking on the start button and searching ABOUT. Upon searching, you will see the about pc button. Then click on it.
You can also check the Hard drive size by clicking on the file explorer, and click on Computer, which sometimes is known as This PC.

5.    Check the Battery

There are different ways of checking the battery span. You can check the battery by monitoring the drop manually for about the 30 minutes.

This can be easily done by first checking the percentage of the battery upon switching it on and then continue with the other checklist you have with you.
Then when you are done, check the percentage drop of the battery.

The other method is a way of affirming the battery report using the command prompt.
Visit the command prompt and type the below command.



After this you will see a line of code telling you where it has saved your report.
View the report using a browser and check the design capacity, charging capacity of the battery.

Then scroll to the buttom and see the OS design for the battery.
So, here you have it.
This is a way of checking your battery quality.

6.    Does it have a Warranty?

Yes, this is another thing you need to look into. Does the seller give you a warranty? Like how many months warranty?
That is another thing you need to look into.
We at Salesytech give you three months warranty. So you can rest assured that you will surely get a quality laptop.

Salesytech is a technology company that specializes in the distribution and sales of used quality laptops, machines and gadgets.
You can get a quality laptop from us starting from as low as N45, 000 naira.

Where to Get Used Laptop?

You can get a used UK or London used laptop at Salesytech as easy as telling us the model you want on whatsapp and having it delivered to you wherever you are. With a free delivery within Lagos and Ogun State. or you can message us on whatsapp on 08167102973

This post was written by Akinduyo Eniola a blogger, digital marketer and an entrepreneur building big and successful businesses online.


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